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September 9, 2020:  Kansas Advocates for Better Care is seeking a committed, dynamic leader to advance good, safe long-term care for older Kansans and the public programs and policies which are foundational to better elder care.  KABC is consumer advocacy non-profit organization.  Our small staff and volunteer board of directors has an out-sized impact on long-term care quality for individual older adults and for Kansans collectively.  The current executive director is stepping down at the end of 2020 and KABC is recruiting now for our next strong leader.  Please submit your resume and cover letter to mitzim@kabc.org

Kansas Advocates for Better Care
Executive Director Job Description

The Executive Director has responsibility for the management and operation of the non-profit corporation and is directly accountable to the Board of Directors.  The Executive Director acts as fiduciary and official agent for the organization.  Within the following category of duties, the Executive Director delegates and supervises personnel to carry out the program of the corporation.  KABC employs three full-time staff, various consultants, and interns.  Duties attendant to this position include, but are not limited to the following:

1) Fund Raising (30% of time)
    Seek out and apply for grants, manage grants and reporting, build funder relationships
    Coordinate fundraising activities of the Board, including special event
    Build donor relations
    Build endowment
    Increase donor base, especially corporations
    Membership Development: Grow membership, Oversee member communications, Coordinate Annual Meeting and facilitate member participation

2) Fiscal Management and Administration (10% of time)
    Personnel and business management for all day-to-day operations
    Personnel recruitment, hiring, evaluation and retention
    Develop necessary policies and procedures for office operations
    Provide periodic management reports and others as requested, review and revise routinely
    Support for all efforts of Endowment Investment Advisory Committee
    Oversight of audit and 990 completion and timely filing
    Compilation & publication of Annual Report

3) Mission Achievement
• Advocacy (30% of time)
     Oversight of Consumer Advocacy including guidance, support, referral, information, educational resources and training
     Leadership of organizational Public Policy Advocacy including regulatory and legislative advocacy with state and federal policy makers,
         participate as consumer representative in local, state and national stakeholder groups
     Build stronger advocacy outreach by and engagement of members and citizen advocates
     Build stronger networks of organizational partnerships among citizen & legal advocates, businesses, and media
     Develop & sustain relationships with policy makers and media positioning KABC as a trusted resource on aging & long-term care issues
     Strategic public policy communications

• Program Development & Project Management (20% of time)
     Program and Project development, management, and evaluation
     Development of program resources, data, and publications
     Recruit, engage, supervise, and oversee consultants and interns

4) Board of Directors & Investment Advisory Committee (10% of time)
     Provide Board of Directors reports and organizational information or other information needed/requested to enable directors to fulfill
         their governance, fundraising, fiscal oversight and personnel functions
     Carry out directives of the Board
     Assist Board and President with meeting planning and material preparation
     Facilitate Strategic Planning for the organization
     Provide monthly and quarterly endowment reports to the Investment Advisory Committee
     Schedule and facilitate meetings of the Investment Advisory Committee (IAC)
     Draft annual recommendations and reports from IAC to the Board


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