Kansas House & Senate Leadership ~ 2019

Advocacy in Action ~ Heading into 2019

As a result of the November election, there is new leadership in the governor’s office, as well as a number of new legislators, and leadership of legislative committees (named above). In addition to those changes, there are also likely to be changes in leadership of state agencies. The dynamics under the Kansas Statehouse dome and within state government will be much different when the 2019 legislature convenes January 14th. Topeka Democrat Laura Kelly will be sworn in as Kansas Governor replacing Republican Jeff Colyer. Colyer, served as lieutenant governor under Gov. Brownback, becoming governor in 2018 after Brownback took a position in the Trump administration.
Early indications are that the 125-member House of Representatives will be slightly more conservative than it was during the past two-year term with an 84 Republican, 41 Democrat split. The 2019 House will include 27 freshmen: 5 new Democrats and 22 new Republicans. One Republican House member has changed her party affiliation to Democrat.

The 40-member Senate, which is on a 4-year cycle, was not up for re-election this year. While one seat was on the ballot due to a resignation earlier in the year, the Senate retained its 30/9/1 Republican/Democrat/Independent split. Post election, two Senators changed from Republican to Democrat bringing the party breakdown in the Senate to 28 Republicans, 11 Democrats and one Independent.

The mid-term elections set off other domino-like legislative changes as three Senate incumbents were elected to higher office including Sen. Kelly; her running mate, Sen. Lynn Rogers (D-Wichita) and Sen. Vicki Schmidt (R-Topeka) who was elected Kansas Insurance Commissioner. Rep. Vic Miller (D-Topeka) has been named to replace Sen. Kelly, and Mary Ware (D-Wichita) will replace Sen. Rogers. Frieda Warfield, recently retired from the Kansas Department of Revenue will fill Rep. Miller’s House seat. Eric Rucker, Assistant Secretary of State, was selected to fill Sen. Schmidt’s unexpired Senate term. No replacement has been named yet for Rep. Scott Schwab (R-Olathe) who was elected Secretary of State.

Contact information for all legislators can be found at http://www.kslegislature.org/li/b2019_20/members/ or by calling the State Library at 1-800-432-3924 toll free (answered 8-5 Monday through Friday) or email them with specific questions on legislators, bill status, etc. on the weekend or evenings at infodesk@ks.gov
Library staff will respond on the next business day.

   Speaker of the House Ron Ryckman, Jr. (Olathe)
   Majority Leader Dan Hawkins (Wichita)
   Speaker Pro Tem Blaine Finch (Ottawa)
   Asst. Majority Leader: Les Mason (McPherson)
   Majority Whip Blake Carpenter (Derby)
   Majority Caucus Chair Susan Humphries (Wichita)

   Minority Leader: Tom Sawyer (Wichita)
   Asst. Minority Leader Valdenia Winn (Kansas City)
   Minority Whip Jim Gartner (Topeka)
   Minority Agenda Chair Brett Parker (Olathe)
   Minority Caucus Chair Barbara Ballard (Lawrence)
   Minority Policy Chair Eileen Horn (Lawrence)

   Senate President Susan Wagle, (Wichita)
   Vice-President Jeff Longbine (Emporia)
   Majority Leader Jim Denning( Overland Park)
   Assistant Majority Leader Mike Peterson (Wichita)
   Majority Whip Elaine Bowers (Concordia)

   Minority Leader Anthony Hensley (Topeka)
   Assistant Minority Leader Oletha Faust-Goudeau (Wichita)
   Minority Whip Pat Pettey (Kansas City)
   Agenda Chair Marci Francisco (Lawrence)
   Caucus Chair Tom Hawk (Manhattan)

   Chair Sen. Gene Suellentrop
   Vice-Chair Sen. Ed Berger
   Ranking Minority Member Sen. Barbara Bollier

Senate Members
   Sen. Molly Baumgardner
   Sen. Bud Estes
   Sen. Ty Masterson
   Sen. Pat Pettey
   Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook
   Sen. Mary Jo Taylor

   Chair Rep. Brenda Landwehr
   Vice-Chair Rep. John Eplee
   Ranking Minority Member Rep. Monica Murnan
House Members
   Rep. Tory Marie Arnberger
   Rep. John Barker
   Rep. Emil Bergquist
   Rep. Elizabeth Bishop
   Rep. Doug Blex
   Rep. Kenneth Collins
   Rep. Ronald Ellis
   Rep. Broderick Henderson
   Rep. Cindy Holscher
   Rep. Eileen Horn
   Rep. Ron Howard
   Rep. Jim Kelly
   Rep. Megan Lynn
   Rep. Kellie Warren

SENATE WAYS AND MEANS – recommends funds for long-term care services and other aging services
   Chair Sen. Carolyn McGinn
   Vice-Chair Sen. Rick Billinger
   Ranking Minority Member Sen. Tom Hawk
Senate Members
   Sen. Larry Alley
   Sen. Ed Berger
   Sen. Kevin Braun
   Sen. Jim Denning
   Sen. Dan Goddard
   Sen. Anthony Hensley
   Sen. Dan Kerschen
   Sen. Pat Pettey
   Sen. John Skubal
   Sen. Gene Suellentrop

HOUSE SOCIAL SERVICES BUDGET – recommends funds for long-term care services and other aging services
   Chair Rep. Will Carpenter
   Vice-Chair Rep. Leonard Mastroni
   Ranking Minority Member Rep. Barbara Ballard

House Members
   Rep. Suzi Carlson
   Rep. Owen Donohoe
   Rep. Ron Howard
   Rep. Megan Lynn
   Rep. Monica Murnan
   Rep. Susan Ruiz