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(1) Would you like to receive Consumer Information Reports?

Over 3 dozen current facts about any Kansas licensed adult care home, such as: history of administrators and owners; awards and penalties; private pay rate; nursing staff adequacy; inspection results for 3 years; occupancy rate, and more.

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Compare current facts, such as: most recent inspection summary, occupancy or private pay rate, about all licensed core homes within any Kansas county.

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Assisted Living Care Facilities (NEW in 2015)
Detailed guidance on how to choose an assisted living facility. Includes regulations; resident rights; and description of the 5 compliance inspection review tasks.
48 pages.

Positive Approaches for Loved ones with Dementia (NEW in 2015)
Alternative methods to manage behavioral issues for persons with Dementia or Alzheimer’s, without the use of anti-psychotic medications.
12 pages.

The Law of Care – No Matter Where
A legal guide for consumers considering Nursing Home, Assisted Living, or Home & Community Based Long-Term Care in Kansas.
60 pages.

Resident Rights for those who reside in Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities
Residents’ Rights are guaranteed by the federal 1987 Nursing Home Reform Law. This booklet helps you to understand your rights when you enter a long-term care facility.
20 pages.

Consumer’s Guide to Kansas Adult Care Homes
Learn about what questions to ask and what to expect when choosing a nursing home. Helpful resource for consumers of nursing home services, their families and friends, to people considering or planning for such care.
44 pages.

Preventing Financial Harm, Abuse, Neglect, & Exploitation of Older Adults
The fastest growing segment of the US population is adults 85 years and older. As the older adult population increases, so too has the targeting of seniors for financial abuse and exploitation along with other forms of abuse and neglect. Learn how to protect yourself and your loved-ones.
20 pages.

Careful Caregiving
A practical guide for non-professionals on how to correctly provide “hands-on care” for friends and family who choose to live at home. Helpful information and drawings about dressing, transferring, bathing, toileting, meals, and more.
24 pages.

Compassionate Care of Adult Care Home Residents
Indicates signs of abuse, neglect and exploitation; where and how to report; caring for confused residents and more.
24 pages.

TLC for Frail Elders
Includes state regulations pertaining to neglect; how to respond (and report) to suspected neglect; guidance for meaningful interactions and effective communications; suggestions for appropriate activities.
24 pages.

Kansas Care Home Choices
Dozens of current facts for all Kansas licensed care homes.
Custom printed upon request – 60 + pages

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