laura-pfeiferKABC is delighted that Laura Meyer Pfeifer recently joined Kansas Advocates for Better Care as the Director of Development and Outreach. Laura, like many of us, has a deep and personal connection to elder care. It fuels her desire to inform others about key issues and to improve the quality of care for older Kansans.
Laura brings enthusiasm, energy, and 15 years of expertise in outreach and development to the work she is doing with KABC.  She previously served as the Director of Development for a large global not-for-profit organization located in the Kansas City metro, as well as in international marketing for a multi-national corporation. Laura provides training and actively mentors professionals and volunteers who are new to the art of charitable fund-raising.
She is excited to be part of this vital work to help and serve seniors and their families during some of the most confusing and challenging times in their lives.  “I believe as more people learn about KABC and the people we help, serve, and protect through our work, they will be eager to volunteer, share our story with others, and become financial partners for better elder care. I’m proud to be part of that effort.”

You can reach Laura, at, or by phone at 785-842-3088 office, or 913-230-0703 cell.