Kansas Nursing Homes Health & Safety Inspection Trends

Kansas Nursing Homes

2017 Good and Poor Performance Trends

Kansas Advocates for Better Care (KABC) annually releases information on the performance of Kansas nursing facilities. KABC tracks and reports information on quality in long-term care as a public service.  The following looks statewide at Kansas nursing facility performance trends – good and poor – in meeting defined health and care standards for older Kansans.

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2016 Kansas Nursing Facilities with Poor Inspection Trends

2016 Nursing Homes poor performers PR
KABC provides citizens a listing annually of Kansas Nursing facilities which have been cited for 10 or more deficiencies of non-compliance with health and safety regulations during their three most recent inspections. The list provides a look-back at three inspection cycles (inspections occur every 12 to 15 months).

2016 Kansas Nursing Facilities with Positive Performance Trends

Kansas Advocates for Better Care (KABC) is releasing its annual listing of Kansas nursing facilities which consistently achieve significant compliance with health and safety regulations and have no or a low number of deficiencies cited during state inspections.  The nursing facilities listed have five or fewer deficiencies for each of three annual inspection cycles. Health inspections are the only objective, external evaluation of a nursing facility provided by the state for the purpose of assuring the health and safety of adults who reside in them. 2016-3-year-positive-performance-trends-in-kansas-nursing-homes-3-20-2017

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